Deciwatt: from gravitylight to nowlight

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Habeeb Onawole

Remember GravityLight, the weight-powered dynamo lamp from a few years ago? The company behind it, Deciwatt, has a new lamp called nowlight. The new lamp brings newer features and improves on the design of the GravityLight.

Unlike GravityLight which is powered by an electric generator which is in turn powered by a bag filled with rocks or sand, nowlight comes with a pull cord that charges the lamp’s built-in battery.


According to Deciwatt, pulling the cord for a minute provides 1 hour of light. Compare that to the GravityLight lamp that only provides illumination for 25 minutes before you have to reset the weight. If you don’t want to use the pull cord, nowlight also charges via a 3W solar panel or even a DC outlet. The time it takes to charge the 3200mAh built-in battery for each method is listed below:

  1. Manual charging (pull cord) – 24 minutes
  2. Mains (DC Outlet) – approx. 4 hours
  3. Solar panel – approx. 5 hours

The nowlight lamp has five brightness levels (10, 20, 40, 80, and 160 lumesn). It also has a display that shows the hours of light remaining depending on the brightness level you choose. Apart from illumination, the lamp can also charge your USB-powered device as it has a 5V/1.5A USB output port.

If you want to illuminate more rooms with nowlight, there is a smaller lamp called SatLight that can be connected to the main lamp.

The lamp is listed on Indiegogo and has met its crowdfunding goal but you can still go on and purchase one. For $90, you can get the lamp with a solar panel and a SatLight. $8 more will get you an additional SatLight. If you don’t need the solar panel or SatLight, the price is $74.

For $140, you can buy one lamp and give one to a refugee family. There are also packages in case you only want to donate to refugee families. Deciwatt says it is partnering with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to distribute to refugee families.

For areas where there is no electricity, Deciwatt plans to create a pay-as-you-go plan that will allow people to purchase and pay over a period of time.

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